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Gardens on the Go - Organic Horticulture

Photo Gallery

New Garden Development New Garden Development 127030718 127030719 127030720 127030721 Empty Pallet! 127030722 Before Fence and Gate 127030723 Workshop and Greenhouse 127030724 Workshop and Greenhouse 127030725 Area over Septic Field Who, in their right mind, would put a septic field on the SOUTH side of the house??? 127030726 The Fence 127030727 Southwest Corner 127030728 Greenhouse and Chicken Coop 127030729 Herbal Beginnings 127030730 Herb Garden just steps outside door Chives, garlic chives, English thyme, lemon thyme, creeping thyme, chamomile, oregano, rosemary, catmint, sage, all for the clipping! 127030731 Pallet Composter Already finished and spread by spring 127030732 My sunshine Thanks to the Powell River Organic Master Gardener Class 127030733 Chain Stepping Stone 127030734 Stepping Stone 127030735 Iris Rhizomes everywhere! 127030736 Shade garden beginnings 127030738 127030739 Buddha One before the Fence 127030740 127030741 127030742